Ecuador needs Angels


To eradicate hunger worldwide by educating current and future school children about the problem and inspiring them to make a positive change for those that are hungry around the world.

Our Values

  • Transparency in our operations
  • Collaboration as a tool for success

Our organization is driven by trust in the kindness of humans and in their resilient heart to help each other to overcome the most stressful and impacting challenges. We provide assistance regardless of race, sex, age, color or religion.

Our accomplishments:

115 children can now go to school using bikes instead of walking 5.5 miles daily. School attendance improved instantly thanks to their new transportation.

Children became instant entrepreneurs using the bikes to perform small odds jobs (messenger, delivery person) within the community.

50 children received new clothes to go to school with higher self esteem and improved motivation.

75 children began the school year with a full set of supplies and new backpack.

Close to 1000 volunteer hours.

60 pounds of fortified, nutritional rice to feed 12 people for one month.